Example: Counter for registering objects

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You don't necessarily need a special-purpose device for registering objects in the field: Virtually any modern smartphone comes with a satellite receiver for measuring its position. Some of these capabilities can even be exploited using pure Javascript running in the browser. This offers some advantages compared to "native" apps tailored to a particular operating system:

Such programmes are especially useful for simple inventories with many (untrained) contributors, e.g. traffic counts, or birdwatching. All registered data are stored in the browser, so no permanent internet link is required.

The example shown here is a simple tool for registering the position of trees. It only relies on the external code sources required by the Mapbox map service. The own code is less than 600 lines. Try it! Scan the QR code above with a mobile device or go to https://www.phoenitium.de/common/zaehler?lang=en. Results can be downloaded in JSON format for use in GIS tools.

A simple adaptation of this example without changes to the basic capabilities is available starting from 100 € depending on the workload required. Of course, more features can be integrated, for instance:

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