The way I work

Dedicating time to details

To me, dealing with data is not merely a technical process. I take my time to get acquainted with the material I am working on. With diligence, patience, and perseverance, I dedicate myself even to disorganised and heterogenous sources, aiming to process them in the best possible way and to extract findings from the data.

Only the services you need

Looking at things in an unbiased way may lead to new findings. However, I am convinced that the best persons for several analytical tasks are found in your own team. I have no intention to artificially inflate the services I offer. And if you only need an extra column filled with data, you will get just that.


Commercial software or open source? Linus Torvalds has stated his decision as early as 1996: Software is like sex; it's better when it's free. I think this is true, at least in many cases. Today, there is a bunch of excellent open-source tools for analysing and visualising data. QGIS is a highly convincing geographic information system, and Blender has stunning animation capabilities. Looking at the data themselves, projects such as Openstreetmap now offer detailed and up-to-date information. Public institutions are gradually expanding the catalogues of open data, though they are still somewhat reluctant.

However, I am happy to honour the valuable work of commercial developers and surveyors where no adequate open-source alternatives are available. For instance, I would still choose InDesign for advanced typesetting and layout tasks, though I avidly follow the evolution of Scribus. And there is a lot of things that need to happen before I forgo my real Excel.

Limited risk

Whenever possible, I will include meaningful example results in my offers. For major tasks, we may agree on processing a representative subset of data first, so both of us can better estimate the workload and the quality of results. Invoices for my services except for travel costs etc. are only payable if you have received the results we have agreed on before.

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