About Phoenitium

Should one pretend to be bigger than one actually is? Sometimes, perhaps. However, when it comes to the size of my company, I don't feel any need to do so: Phoenitium GmbH is a one-man show by Johannes Kohlschütter. I founded the company as I enjoy exploring facts on the basis of data and visualising them.

As a student, I wrote my first Perl script in order to quickly extract the relevant part from DNA sequence files. As every single data point is precious in the kind of lab research that I did, the amount of data I had to handle at the time was rather limited. Still, I gradually found out about the power of Excel's VLOOKUP formula. Files got somewhat bigger when I joined TransCare, a logistics consulting company (2010–2018). I got there as I kept wondering how traffic could be shifted from the road to railways. For my first visualisations of geographic data, I prepared KML files more or less by hand. Later, I could familiarise myself with QGIS. I also started writing my first programmes running in the browser. This naturally meant that I got in touch with everything these programmes need in order to run, such as servers and databases.

While data processing and visualisation were just one aspect of the work I did in my former positions, I made them my main activity with Phoenitium.

Contact     Email: info@phoenitium.de     Phone: +49 761 2854 8428